In less that a year, Culver City Unified has gone from a highly respected school district that parents spoke of with pride to one they’re fleeing in droves and view with fear and disdain.  Such a drastic fall from grace only occur due to issues that are deeply foundational and systemic.  The problems currently plaguing the district must be rooted out in order for the healing process to begin and ensure a healthy future for the district and our children.


Communities need to believe that the people they’ve entrusted with the well-being of their children take that responsibility seriously.  Over the past year, however, CCUSD parents, students, faculty, and residents have been repeatedly ignored, derided, and deceived by both the school board and district administrators.  

  • No more ignoring stakeholders.

  • No more empty promises.  

  • No more demonizing anyone who disagrees or asks questions.

  • No more back room decisions.  

  • No more catering to special interests.  

  • No more politicizing our children or the educational process.


Current board policies have led to an egregious disintegration of security and sense of safety across the entire district.  Every day brings more stories and mounting fears that something terrible will have to happen before changes are made.  Parents tell of their children having to “hold it in” until they get home because the bathrooms are being used to smoke pot or someone blew up the toilet or there’s no soap and toilet paper.  There have been multiple Instagram pages dedicated to fights on campus.  The CCUSD teacher’s union rep announced that 70% of teachers don’t feel safe due to the lack of consequences and security.

  • Unambiguous support from the board and superintendent for faculty and staff

  • Clear communication with students as to expectations for behavior and consequences for violating those expectations

  • School Resource Officers are a vital resource and should be respected members of the CCUSD community

  • Ensure that the LCAP includes funding for Maintenance and Operations that is above and beyond expected needs


The push for every child to attend college has left many students disengaged, disenfranchised, and disheartened.  In order to advance that goal – along with the misguided implication that they’re geared towards students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds - most school districts have severely curtailed or altogether eliminated shop programs in favor of college prep classes. There are myriad studies and arguments in support of offering CTE classes, and it’s time that CCUSD brings them back for benefit of all our students.

  • Ensure that LCAP funding for CTE classes covers faculty, materials, and facilities 

  • Promote shop classes as a fun and educational option for all students

  • Promote trade schools and other non-traditional post-secondary options as viable life and career choices

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Board meeting 6/28

Safety at the High School